Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day!!

Here in Concord, NC, we {HARDLY EVER} get any snow. If we do manage to get snow, it's just enough to be considered a teaser.
Toward the end of January, we got some snow and it closed school for a day or so and then everyone was back to normal. Well, this week we got a "dumper" as my mom calls it. For northerner's it isn't that bad, but when you're in the south....Lord Help!
We started seeing snow Tuesday afternoon and the schools closed early and cancelled for Wednesday.
And of course, school is closed again today. In all fairness, we've gotten 6-8" of snow, sleet, and plain out ice so far.
With all that said, the kids are home from school, the hubs is home from work, and I'm off today {hopefully tomorrow, too}. So, we've played outside until we were almost human popsicles.....

We played our hearts out, came in had some hot chocolate and then had lunch! I made snowman grilled cheese (ya know, we had to have snowmen since it's snowing! LOL!) and homemade creamy tomato soup!!

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