Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Photo-A-Day Challenge

I've seen all the "photo a day" challenges all over Pinterest, so I figure I'll give it a shot. The list I'm following is from Fat Mum Slim. So, for the next 31 days, I'll post a picture from the list prompt. Won't you join me?

Here's the list {courtesy of Fat Mum Slim}
1. Something colourful: Find something beautifully filled with colour, take a photo and share it.
2. Light: This could be a street light, a lamp or another fitting, or it could be beautiful natural light streaming through the window, the sun anything. Play around with light. It’s beautiful.
3. You today: Share a photo of you today. Camera shy? Share an abstract pic of you: a reflection in a window, your feet, or some other way.
4. In motion: Movement! Take a photo of something in motion, perhaps a car driving by. Or you can use your phone and move it as you’re taking a photo. Explore this one a little.
5. Afternoon: How did you spend your afternoon today? At work? At play? Show us.
6. 8 o’clock: What were you doing at 8am or 8pm? We want to see your 8 o’clock.
7. What you saw today: Let us see the world through your eyes, what did you see today?
8. Corner: We stumble across lots of corners in our days, books, buildings, furniture, streets… show us one.
9. Pink: This is our charity prompt – share something pink.
10. Hands: Take a photo of some hands. Hot tip: They look beautiful in black & white.
11. M is for…: Find something starting with M and take a photo of it.
12. Below: This can be anything you want – something you see below something else. Use your imagination.
13. Watching: This one might be a bit tricky… is it something you’re watching? Someone watching something else? How will you interpret ‘watching’?
14. Favourite space: Where is your favourite space? A corner in your home? A seat in a quiet cafe?
15. Secret: Ssssh. Will you tell us a secret? Or show us a photo that represents secret?
16. Leafy: It’s Spring in Australia so the leaves will be abundant. If it’s Fall or Autumn where you are, will you be sharing a photo of the leaves fallen on the ground?
17. First world problem: First world problem is a problem that really isn’t a problem. Like ‘There’s too much goats cheese in my salad’ or ‘I can’t decide which of my 12 pairs of shoes to wear today’. Hard, yes. But potentially pretty funny.
18. Still: You could show a photo of still life, or life standing still.
19. A good day: What makes a good day for you? Try and capture it, and if you’re having a bad day – try and turn it around.
20. Open: Self-explanatory really. Find something open to share.
21. Then + now: This is a fun one, especially if you use an app to split your photo in two like PicFrame. It’s like a before and after. An example would be a piece of cake on a plate, and then the cake empty with just a few crumbs. Get it?
22. Change: Show us change – it could be money or it could be something that has changed.
23. Your mood today: How are you feeling today? How can you show that in a photo?
24. Dark: Maybe head out and shoot at night, or show something else dark.
25. Welcome: Is it a welcome sign or doormat, or another way to represent welcome?
26. Depth of field: This is our photography prompt. I’ll be writing a post on how to get it with your camera or smart phone. Keep an eye out.
27. Peaceful: What makes you feel peaceful?
28. Just for you: What’s something that is just for you that no one else can have?
29. Hair: It could be your own hair, a toy’s hair or on your animal… or otherwise!
30. Wet: Wet. It is what it is. How will you show it in a photo.
31. Treat: Happy Halloween. Share a photo of a treat, or your trick & treating.

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